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The recent bloody history of Afghanistan has been well documented over the last ten years and like Iraq, Afghanistan is trying hard to democratize itself. The elections in August 2005 were another major step along this difficult path.

For LGS it was a large scale project with problems similar to the Iraq elections earlier in the same year. Similar, but not the same, the Afghanistan elections once again posed serious time problems, but the required number of election kits was almost
six times
that of Iraq!

There were only four weeks available to source, collate, label, ship and deliver 39,000 election
. Each kit contained 23 products, some of which were in multiples of 10 or more, so LGS staff handled around 8 million individual items. Given the tight timeline and security requirements, LGS chartered two aircraft for the delivery of the kits into Kabul. Difficult conditions on the ground meant that intelligent use of numbering and labelling by LGS, invaluably aided the efficient delivery of kits throughout this post-conflict area.


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