LGS provides practical, professional solutions for educational requirements...

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Education and training are the foundation stones of democratic society and the path to a healthy, successful country.

LGS is keen to promote education for all, but realise that it can offer specific help where physical access is difficult and materials not readily available. Using its experience and worldwide supplier network, LGS can deliver a wide range of materials – from temporary classrooms to pencils and paper – to assist a government or organization in setting up educational and training facilities.

Supplied as complete tailor-made kits or as bulk deliveries, materials for use in traditional school classes (primary, junior, secondary and subject specific) and training courses (languages, advanced core subjects and vocational) can be quickly and economically supplied, in any quantity, direct to the point of need.

Have a look at the catalogue, if you can't find everything you need there, remember LGS will be able to supply it, just get in contact.

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